Come first week of January 2011, when the Ashes will reach its concluding degrees and the prevailing World No.1 take a look at group; India will conflict it out towards the Proteas in the African backyard, some distance away inside the remote lands of Doha, Qatar, three guys on the interrogation give up of a long black table may be bombarding three different men on the opposite cease with questions of all styles and sizes and in the form of demons. The ones going through the chin song could be the contaminated trio of Salman Butt, Mohammad Ameer and Mohammad Asif, who, as a rely of reality, have not yet been verified responsible. As they equipment up for which, I assume, all of us anticipate to be the final verdict immediate solving scandal, but followed by a deep and long question mark.

As the 3 skilled criminal figures of Michael Beloff, an English barrister and the head of the ICC Code of Conduct Commission, Justice Albie Sachs, retired South African decide, and Sharad Rao, an Indian beginning leading Kenyan barrister put forward real, felony and contractual questions towards the trio, all people; waiting in anticipation for the final results, shall question ourselves whether the enthusiasts and preachers of the gentleman’s game have their questions replied or no longer……….

The answers virtually won’t fulfill the questions raised within the confused minds of the hundreds of thousands, who on best Sunday morning saw a no one named Mazhar Majeed with bundles of notes in kilos stacked at the desk in front of him, a bottle of beer through the facet, and carelessly letting himself unfastened in a ‘recorded’ stay broadcast for over thousands and thousands to look, from throughout the globe. The revelations now not simplest proved to be too high priced for him and the gamers he controlled, however also proved to be any other disgraceful stain at the delight of the game and tore aside the whole cricketing administration of a country, already tattered and shattered.

Sporting heroes construct their carrying careers, their complete lives on simply one number one element, popularity…….The recognition of being a fighter, the recognition of being a champion, the popularity of being a person of honor, pleasure and especially, dignity. So, why after years and years of hard paintings and perseverance, they let all of it slip in a jiffy? How effective is that one pressure which may be extra driving than the spirit of the game and what makes it so? How massive the cash is worried that it activates them to promote off their careers? These for us, the blind believers of sports activities stars, are the simple questions, which want to be spoke back, no longer most effective in cricket, however in one and all domains of the faith referred to as SPORT.

Match solving or spot fixing, as in this situation, aren’t new to sports activities, as we all realize. And cricket isn’t always the best discipline wherein punters maintain their watch puppies on alert. Football, tennis, hockey and every other sport to have been performed on the international degree have had their percentage of shameful tragedy.

In case of the Pakistanis on this latest incident, the maximum obvious cause in the back of their utter illogical, extra than unethical, choice seems to be their comparatively poor monetary own family backgrounds from where they’ve abruptly emerged (mainly in case of Mohammad Ameer, the youngest and brightest expertise in Pakistan Cricket) into this coins-wealthy world wherein there appear to be ever-rising opportunities of growing the wide variety of digits in your financial institution balance in more of a no holds barred situation. They may be, possibly, spared a notion as the arena seems upon them as residents of a rustic that is in the situation of a ‘ransacked village’, for now. But again, assessing a sportsman’s ‘un-clever’ decision to cease his profession and but whilst he thinks in any other case, can handiest draw speculations and never definitions.

And for many of us, who may feel that the green haven is the simplest motivating thing for such deeds of self-destruction, ponder over your stats again. What should have made John Higgins, the former international snooker champion, and a champion of champions for that count number, strike his honor down the hollow with the aid of the nook?? In April this year, Higgins had fallen sufferer to the secret agent operations of the equal medium as inside the case of the Pakistan cricket team, News of the World, while he changed into filmed on tape having conversations previous to suits with some alleged bookie. Apparently, at that point of time, Higgins became some of the better paid sportsmen around the world and hailed from what’s known as “corruption-free” West, from Scotland. Although, sooner or later he ought to somehow control to shop his profession from assembly a useless end, he was slapped at the face with a six month ban and a trifling fine of £75,000, which many sports critics termed as a meek decision at the a part of the officers.

And what priorities, do you suspect, could have prompted the captain of the South African Cricket’s surging voyage to crash his private cruise into the iceberg of corruption, yes, I am talking approximately Late Hansie Cronje. No, the moolah in the back of the curtains can not be the simplest seducing pressure that ends in the death of such tall statures.

Living and lifeless legends from almost all genres of recreation have as soon as or extra crossed the LOC. Michael Jordan, Mike Tyson, Diego Maradona, Marion Jones, and George Best- intentionally or by accident fell prey to any such: capsules, suit fixing, violence towards the other intercourse, alcohol, playing, white-collar offences and the list is going on.

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