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In this short guide I will outline the key principles and steps you need when creating best-selling products online. Online information products are the quickest and easiest products to produce and market. They are also cheap to make and eliminate delivery expenses too. The most common information product formats are ebook, audio and video. I am going to talk briefly about what makes a product a best-seller, why you should create a range of products and what to do if a product isn’t selling well.

So what makes a product that sells? Put simply it is a combination of great value content that teaches the buyer how to overcome a challenge and effective marketing that advertises it to the right people in the right way. I’m only going to write about the first part here. You need to really get to know your potential customers and understand what problems and issues they are most eager to solve. Then you need to create a product that shows them how to solve that problem in a very simple, step by step way. If your product really does overcome their main challenge, is easy to implement and will also save them time, money and effort then you are onto a winner.

However well you do your research there is never a guarantee that your product will be a success and make you a profit. So you should plan right from the start to create a range of products and not just pin all your hopes on one. To be clear when I say a range of products I don’t just mean that you have a product for each different level from low to high price but that you have a range of low-priced products and mid-priced products and so on. Of course, you will have more low-priced products than high-end ones but even at the top end it’s good to have more than one thing to offer.

You need to measure and record the results I.e. the number of sales and the number of visitors to your sales page. Armed with this information you will be able to identify what is working. It’s not as simple as just dropping the products that don’t seem to be selling. You need to find out why. There may still be a way to make them turn a profit. For example, it may be that if you are getting lots of visitors but not many sales that you need to change some part of your sales page. Only ever change one thing at a time, unless you have the facility to do what is known as split testing, or else you won’t know which change made the difference. Some of the key things to change and test first are the price and the guarantee.

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